Countless new highlights @ CarMediaWorld in Salzburg!

Countless new highlights @ CarMediaWorld in Salzburg!


We‘re ready for this year's CarMediaWorld in Salzburg (21st – 22nd April). As the main sponsor of the fair-in-fair format, we definitely have a lot in store. In addition to highlights from the current BRAX, HELIX and MATCH lineups, there are numerous exciting new products and innovations. At the forefront: The innovative HELIX COMPOSE speaker platform, the in-house DSP PC tool V5.01 as well as the IK S subwoofer series and much more.


HELIX COMPOSE is the innovative speaker platform that, according to the motto "create your composition", adapts to your vision and needs. This system was developed "inside the vehicle, for the vehicle" and comes with numerous technical highlights. Starting with the acoustics, the HELIX COMPOSE speakers use the most innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies, ensuring high efficiency and an impressive sound quality. All speaker impedances are perfectly matched for the combination with HELIX and MATCH amplifiers, guaranteeing maximum performance at any time. In addition, HELIX COMPOSE introduces four new mechanical technologies that offer unbeatable practical benefits:

  • FlexMount: A patented mounting system, which is based on especially developed adaptor rings. This technology allows you to install all COMPOSE speakers with FlexMount technology in an almost infinite number of car models – simply by swapping the optionally available adaptor ring.
  • FlexConnect: A terminal allowing an easy and safe connection of the speaker directly to the original wiring harness of the specific vehicle.
  • ProConnect: The new industry standard.  A professional, automotive connector, allowing the safe use of conventional speaker cables, while also being ideally designed for operation with our WireKits.
  • WireKits: Plug & Play at its best. Manufactured according to the high standards of the automotive industry, these arrestable adaptor cables meet all requirements for the harsh environmental conditions that installers are facing in vehicles every day. 

Given that these technologies are implemented in the respective components, all COMPOSE i7, i3 and Basic speakers can be flexibly combined with each other, crushing the boundaries of self-contained speaker series. If you’re curious by now, you should definitely take a seat in one of our three HELIX COMPOSE demo vehicles to catch a demonstration of what this speaker platform is capable of!

DSP PC-Tool V5.01

The DSP PC-Tool 5 already is the most comprehensive, professional universal tool for easy analysis, measurement and configuration of your car audio system and DSP product with ACO platform. As if powerful features such as TuneEQ, VCP and numerous other settings, were not enough, we still keep adding to it. Now, with the latest update to version 5.01, the Advanced Input Signal Analyzer as well as the Dynamic Loudness Control have found their way into the software, achieving an even larger range of functions and even more detailed configuration options. Therefore, the DSP PC-Tool training courses at the CarMediaWorld in Salzburg are definitely worth a visit.

HELIX IK S-Subwoofer series 

In case you want to add more depth to the sound in your vehicle, you’re going to love the new world of HELIX IMPACT subwoofers. The new IMPACT line comes with powerful, smart subwoofer solutions that are truly unique in their price range. Starting with the shallow IMPACT KS subwoofers, the realization of particularly flat and compact enclosure designs shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Its extremely low installation depth opens up new installation possibilities that do not require making any acoustic compromises at all. Due to the use of large voice coils and its low resonant frequency, the IMPACT KS series delivers an absolutely stunning bass performance, which is in no way inferior to larger dimensioned woofers. Thanks to the combination of enormously stiff sandwich paper cone and the heavy-duty drive system, amplifier power is easily converted into powerful sound pressure without any compression effects, while simultaneously demonstrating finesse when it comes to more subtle beats.

Is there more?

In addition to these absolute highlights, we’re offering further exciting glimpses into the future of BRAX, HELIX and MATCH with the IK W6 compact subwoofer, the PURE R speaker series as well as new cable adaptations.