Warranty Policy

For peace of mind we offer a manufacturers warranty on all our products. If you ever have a need to claim against the warranty, please contact us and we'll guide you through the process.

Harriox Group Pte Ltd warrants this product against defects in material or workmanship for (Length of Warranty) year as set forth below when purchased directly from Harriox Group Pte Ltd AUTHORISED DEALERS (Purchase and Installation in a store). Pursuant to this Limited Warranty, Harriox Group Pte Ltd will, at its option, (i) repair the product using new or refurbished parts or (ii) replace the product with a new or refurbished product. For purposes of this Limited Warranty, “refurbished” means a product or part that has been returned to its original specifications. In the event of a defect, these are your exclusive remedies.


For a period of (Length of Warranty) year from the original date of purchase of the product (“Labor Warranty”), Harriox Group Pte Ltd will, at its option, repair or replace with new or refurbished product, product determined to be defective. If Harriox Group Pte Ltd elects to replace the product after this Labor Warranty has expired but while the parts warranty is still in effect, it will do so for the applicable labor charge.

For a period of (Length of Warranty) year from the original date of purchase of the product (“Parts Warranty”), Harriox Group Pte Ltd will supply new or refurbished replacement parts in exchange for parts determined to be defective.

This Limited Warranty covers only the hardware components packaged with the Product. It does not cover technical assistance for hardware or software usage and it does not cover any software products whether or not contained in the Product; any such software is provided “AS IS” unless expressly provided for in any enclosed software Limited Warranty. Please refer to the End User License Agreements included with the Product for your rights and obligations with respect to the software.


To obtain warranty service, you must deliver the Product, freight prepaid, in either its original packaging or packaging a- ording an equal degree of protection to the original Harriox Group Pte Ltd authorised dealer (point of purchase) or Harriox Group Pte Ltd Customer Service. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software or other materials you may have stored or preserved on your unit. It is unlikely that such data, software or other materials will be lost or reformatted during service and Harriox Group Pte Ltd  will not be responsible for any such damage or loss. A dated purchase receipt from Harriox Group Pte Ltd authorised dealer is required.


Length of Warranty:
Different products may include different parts and they may varying warranty lengths :

  • Forty-eight (48) months for BRAX
  • Thirty-six (36) months for HELIX / MATCH
  • Twelve (12) months for BLAM / RAMM AUDIO
  • Three (3) months for general servicing charges.
  • Zero (0) for cable accessories such as cables/hardness etc. (1-to-1 exchange if defective within 7 days)

The warranty length cannot be extended or renewed due to subsequent resale or replacement of the product. This Limited Warranty does not affect your legal rights under your applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer electronic products. Defective parts replaced within the Limited Warranty Claim shall become the property of the respective local distributors.

What is not covered by the Limited Warranty?

  • Faults caused by wear and tear, accident, dropping, mechanical damage, damp, moisture, chemical products, abnormal impact damage or force majeure.
  • Modification or repair by you or third party without the respective local distributors approval.
  • No purchase receipt (invoice) / Proof of purchase from our Authorised Dealers

  • Imitation and unauthorized products.

Following warranty service, your original product or a replacement product will be returned to you as your product was configured when originally purchased.


This warranty policy is valid only for purchase made in Singapore by Harriox Group Pte Ltd Authorised Dealers If you had purchased the product overseas etc, please contact your local seller or distributor instead.

You can find these information on the counterfeit / distributor / serial no. labels located on the body and packaging.

Our Authorised Dealers are fully trained to demonstrate and support the products listed and will be your liaison for communications to Harriox Group Pte. Ltd. during and after the warranty period on all products your purchase through them.

(Purchase and installation in a store) For a professional installation, proper performance and to ensure full warranty coverage, we highly-recommended that the device must be installed by Harriox Group Pte Ltd Authorised Dealers.