Distributor of High-End Car Audio Equipment Electronics Products.


We're dedicated to delivering products that will serve our customers for years to come, stand up to the rigors of the road and provide exceptional music day in and day out.

Harriox Group Pte Ltd is the only exclusive distributor for the Audiotec Fischer, Blam, Ramm Audio products. 

With the popularity of our products, please beware of imitation and unauthorized products. All our:

- Audiotec Fischers products comes with 3-4 years warranty authorized by the manufacturer Audiotec Fischer GmbH from Germany.

- Blam products comes with 1 year warranty authorized by the manufacturer Blam from France.

Please contact us if you are in doubt of the product you are purchasing. Only purchase genuine products from our authorised dealers.

Our reputation is built on over a long period of commitment to this goal.  We continue to expand our offerings of different high-end audiophile products and services to satisfy the requirements of our growing customer base. Through all of the changes and expansions in our business, customer satisfaction remains our top priority.

In addition, all our new high-end products are selected with reliability considerations and your expectations in mind. We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell.

We welcome all inquiries and purchases from local or overseas. We are also looking for reliable dealers and business partners to expand our products range and sales networks. Please feel free to contact us