Excellent sound quality

With the S speaker series, every journey becomes a special sound experience. The well thought-out design and the use of the latest technologies ensure excellent sound properties with powerful bass, precise mids and crystal clear highs.

Elegant design

In addition to the excellent sound properties, the S 62C.2 also impresses with its elegant, timeless look. In particular, the transparent "flex crossover" with its high-quality components and the elegant aluminum housing of the tweeter make this system a real feast for the eyes.

Easy integration

The well thought-out construction with low installation depths, a detachable housing for the tweeter, and the very compact and innovative “Flex-Crossover” crossover network offer considerable scope for installation - even when space is particularly limited. In addition, there is simple cabling using plug & play connection cables between the individual components.

Maximum flexibility - "Flex-Crossover"

The new "Flex-Crossover" crossover is not only a visual highlight, but also brings some technical refinements with it. In order to drastically reduce the dimensions again, the circuit board can also be built into the foam supplied without the housing or divided into two for a separate installation (e.g. tweeter in A-pillar, bass-mid loudspeaker in the door). In addition to a 3-stage tweeter level adjustment and plug & play cable connections, the crossover is also equipped with screw terminals for even greater flexibility when connecting your own loudspeaker cables.


  • 165 mm bass-midrange driver with a new type of basalt fiber-paper compound cone - an ideal combination of low weight, high rigidity and internal damping
  • 25 mm tweeter in an elegant aluminum housing with coated silk dome for balanced, natural reproduction and minimal compression effects
  • Basket in individual HELIX design with additional ventilation openings for optimized cooling of the voice coil for high load capacity
  • "Flex-Crossover" crossover with 6/12 dB edge steepness, trap circuit and 3-stage switchable tweeter level adjustment - divisible and therefore perfectly suitable for installation in vehicles with separate installation locations for tweeters and woofers
  • Exclusive use of very high quality components in the crossover, such as distortion-free air coils and low-loss Audiotec film capacitors in the tweeter

Technical data

Power RMS / Max. 100/200 watts
Frequency range 45 Hz - 25,000 Hz
Impedance 4 Ω
Efficiency 1 W / 1 m 90 dB
Membrane material HT: Coated silk dome
TT: Basalt fiber-paper compound
Crossover 6/12 dB with trap, tweeter protection and tweeter level adjustment
outer diameter HT: 51 mm
MT: -
TT: 165 mm
Mounting diameter HT: 45 mm
MT: -
TT: 143 mm
Installation depth HT: 14 mm
MT: -
TT: 65 mm
 Crossover dimensions 112 x 77.5 x 27 mm

Scope of delivery

2 x tweeters HELIX S 1T incl. Mounting material
2 x woofer HELIX S 6B
2 x flex-crossover crossover
4 x foam mat
1 x mounting material
1 x operating instructions
1 x installation template

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